Marshall and DeSoto Counties, Mississippi

Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc. (BCD) provided construction materials engineering and testing services for the extensive SR 304 / I-269 project in Marshall and DeSoto Counties, Mississippi. These services included daily quality control (QC) field testing services for bridge construction and drilled shaft installation, and QC concrete compressive strength and aggregate testing.

Mason Road to Highway 178, Marshall County, MS (2012). This section of the project consisted of construction of four bridges along a new alignment crossing over Highway 178 and the BNSF railroad. Each of the four bridges was 1,500 linear feet in length. The bridge portion of the project consisted of 20,500 cubic yards of structural concrete, 5 million pounds of reinforcing steel, 60,000 linear feet of driven piling, 3,000 linear feet of 66-in. drill shafts and 38,500 linear feet of pre-stressed concrete girders. The project also included 700,000 cubic yards of embankment for the bridge headers and the realignment of Highway 178 for approximately 3,000 linear feet.

I-55 to Malone Road, DeSoto County, MS (2015). This section of the project consisted of grading, drainage and construction of eight new bridges. Grading for the project consisted of the removal of 1.5 million cubic yards of unclassified excavation, 844,000 cubic yards of borrow excavation, and 44,000 cubic yards of excess excavation. Drainage for the project was provided by construction of 7,000 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe and 2,105 cubic yards of cast in-place box culvert. The eight new bridges required 9,800 cubic yards of bridge concrete, 62,850 linear feet of piling, 23,100 linear feet of precast pre-stressed concrete girders, and 2.1 million pounds of reinforcing steel.

These two sections of SR 304 / I-269, from I-55 to Malone Road and from Mason Road to Highway 178, will ultimately join with other state highway sections to complete the extensive and economically important I-69 corridor which will stretch from Canada to the Mexican border.

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