Natchez, Mississippi

Magnolia Bluffs Casino opened in 2012 in Natchez, Mississippi on a narrow strip of land bounded on the west by the Mississippi River and on the east by the bluffs of Natchez Under-the-Hill with the distinction of being the first and only new construction in that area since the nineteenth century.  The same forces of nature which destroyed the majority of Natchez Under-the-Hill in the 1800s still prevailed in 2012 and that, along with an active landslide threatening approximately one-third of the site, posed significant challenges for the engineers, architects and contractors of the team hired by Premier Gaming to plan, permit, design and construct the casino.  The engineers at Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc. (BCD) and Jordan Kaiser & Sessions, LLC worked together with innovation, creativity, cooperation and coordination to develop satisfactory and economical solutions for the various difficulties associated with this project. Once again, there is a “gambling hall” Under-the-Hill.

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ACEC-MS 2015 EEA Grand Award

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