BCD received the ACEC/MS’s highest award, the 2019 Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award, during the Annual Assembly Kickoff Banquet held on March 14th at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and Museum of Mississippi History. The award was in recognition of BCD’s work for the Vicksburg Bridge Commission of Warren County in evaluating and providing recommendations for stabilization and repair of a significant landslide along the bluff immediately north of the Old Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg.

BCD worked closely with design-build contractor Hayward Baker, Inc. who, in spite of complexities, was able to design and complete installation of the high-quality, environmentally sustainable soil nail wall in less than a year with minimal disturbance to the bluff. The completed wall to stabilize the bluff is unobstrusive, but is essential to preserving the Old Mississippi River Bridge, Navy Circle Overlook and the expansive views of the Mississippi River from these historic sites.

Pictured from left to right are BCD engineers Alex Reeb, Amber Templeton Reeb, Tommy Dunlap and Colleen Campbell, followed by Herman Smith, Superintendent of the Vicksburg Bridge Commission of Warren County, and BCD engineers Brad Campbell and Randy Ahlrich.