Farmers Market Slope Stabilization

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Project Description

Jackson, Mississippi

Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc. (BCD) was retained by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce to provide geotechnical engineering services related to the investigation, design and construction of a landslide stabilization system at the Farmers Market in Jackson, Mississippi.  BCD recommended a soil nail wall/slope regrading stabilization system which accommodated a number of constraints at the project site.  More common methods of landslide stabilization were rejected because of these site constraints.

Use of the soil nail wall/slope regrading stabilization system:

  • Allowed the design and construction to be completed in a relatively short time frame
  • Did not require the closure of Jefferson Street which was located near the top of the slope
  • Could be constructed within the confined site area
  • Resulted in an aesthetically pleasing wall and slope

The soil nail wall/slope regrading system is a unique and cost-effective method for landslide stabilization.  It can be used in areas where limited right-of-way and/or topography preclude the use of conventional stabilization methods, and does not require temporary shoring during construction.  BCD’s recommended use of the soil nail wall/slope regrading system stabilized the landslide at the Farmers Market and allowed the slope to be restored to a more aesthetically pleasing configuration.

BCD was awarded the ACEC-MS 2011 Engineering Excellence Honor Award for this project.

Project Details


September 2010


MS Department of Agriculture and Commerce


Slide Remediation


ACEC-MS 2011 EEA Honor Award

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